Frequently Asked Questions

With several moving pieces in a wedding, you may quite many questions about where to begin or how to progress. In the meanwhile, we have answered a few of your questions related to wedding planning and management as well as our services.

What can Vivaah Weddings do for me?

We assist families from beginning till end when it comes to weddings. Right from picking the ideal destination, identifying the suitable venues, consultation, planning, designing and coordinating all areas of the wedding are taken care by our professional team. With long standing experience, we have an edge when it comes to venue selection, wedding invites, decor, styling, travel arrangements, bridal care and much more. Our professional planners liaise with vendors from start to finish so you are relieved of the effort. Our level of involvement depends on how much you wish to delegate to us.


Does Vivaah Weddings only do Wedding Management?

Wedding planning and management is precisely what we do. We specialize in South Asian weddings and assist families globally for their destination wedding requirements.


Does Vivaah Weddings provide services internationally?

Our services can be engaged globally as destination weddings are our specialty. With a vast network of vendors internationally, we have successfully managed a number of destination weddings in various cities around the world. We make sure that we are constantly in touch with the family and the special couple to keep them updated on every detail and progress so we can deliver The Ultimate Wedding Experience!


Are wedding planners expensive? How expensive is Vivaah?

Many would believe so, but that indeed is not the fact. All our services are tailor-made to suit the client’s needs and budgets. Due to our vast network of vendors, we enjoy preferential rates which we pass on to our clients. Your savings in terms of time, money and effort is all worth it when you decide to work with Vivaah.


Does Vivaah Weddings only do traditional South Asian weddings?

While we specialize in South Asian weddings, we have also planned and managed a number of cross-cultural weddings across different nationalities and ethnicities. Hence, our knowledge and experience is not just limited to traditional South Asian Weddings. We think out of the box and have the expertise to explore various innovative concepts.


What does the minimum package start from?

Our services are customized to suit the family’s preferences and requirements. Hence, our pricing depends on various factors. We charge a one-time professional fee for our services with no hidden or extra costs. Our prime focus is to deliver the Ultimate Wedding Experience keeping in view the budgets and expectations of the family. Hence, you can be rest assured that your wedding arrangements shall be the best ever witnessed while leaving you with a lot saved in your pocket.


What if we have our own vendors, how can Vivaah Weddings assist?

You may have certain preferences on hiring a particular vendor and we are completely alright with that. We’ll be happy to co-ordinate with them and to manage them. Our professional team can liaise with your providers regularly, whether local or international, to keep track of progress for start to finish thereby relieving you of the effort and to ensure what has been agreed upon is delivered efficiently.


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