Things your Wedding Planner wished you did

When selecting your Wedding Planner and vendors for your big day, you’re putting together a team to help you build and execute your perfect day.
Making sure you’re on the same page with your vendors before signing them on is crucial. Here are a few things your Wedding Planner wished you
did when you sign them on and seal the deal.



Talk to Us
Talking to your wedding planner is one of the most important things you should do on the lead up to your wedding. Tell us your levels of involvement,
every couple has a different level of involvement in their wedding planning. Some are hands-on in the day to day things while others hand the
reins over to a family member and only take a look at the larger elements of the wedding.

Tell us your must have’s and your deal breakers. This allows us to have a better insight and also keep a keen eye on your non-negotiables.

Talk to us about your smallest details and your wish list. Finally, tell us about yourselves, your experiences, how you met your partner, what was it like etc.

This helps us understand you better so we can plan your big day in a more personal manner. This leads us to the next..



Discuss your ideas
Come prepared for a meeting with your planner. Bring photos, swatches, contracts- whatever you desire really. Us as planners love it when the couple
are involved and run their ideas by us. We help you hone them or take them in a direction better suited for your wedding celebrations.

That being said, being flexible on your ideas or how they can be executed is appreciated. While it is your big day and you want to have
everything in it, your planner would help you sort through your ideas and based on their experience guide you to the most feasible of them.


Trust our Experience
Listen to your planners recommendations and suggestions, they have seen it all, the good and the bad, so they know how all the worst
case scenarios play out and will have backup plans to fix them. The must-haves, the things to avoid, all the wow-factors can all come
from your wedding planners as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.



Don’t be afraid to ask us for our work or referrals
Ask us for our previous work, we will gladly share it with you. After all, there is no better endorsement than a previous client’s recommendation.
This not only helps you to get comfortable with our abilities but it also gives you inspirations and ideas based on what we’ve previously done.

If you’re yet to hire your vendors ask the ones you’ve already hired for recommendations. They will be able to recommend vendors that they’ve worked
with before and vouch for their work and credibility. They might even get you more value based on their working relationships. Vendors who are
comfortable working with each other results in a good experience and gorgeous delivery.



Have patience
We really do care, even if it takes a little while for your planners or your vendors to reply to your emails or answer your calls. Through a
pre-set pattern, your wedding has a roadmap that we follow. Attending to the right elements at the right time is key. Your wedding
planners should have this mapped out to ensure you’re at peace with the progress of the planning and management aspect of your wedding.


Inform your planners of all your vendors
Not all your vendors will be through the referral of your planners and sometime you sign up vendors even before you finalize on your wedding planner.
Informing your planners of all your vendors and providing contact details and contracts, will you’re your planners to keep a track of the
deliverables and for coordination on the day.


Informing your planners on who the final decision makers will be
We understand that Indian weddings involve large families and we love that everyone wants to be a part of the wedding and have their own ideas but it
would make it easier to have one point of contact who will make the final call on things.


Budgets Versus Expectations
Wedding Planners globally understand budget constraints. It is our job to give you the most memorable day of your life without going overboard.
It always helps us to know what budgets you have set aside for your special day. Remember that old saying “You get what you pay for”.
Spend on things that are most important to you personally and less on things that may not be. This will keep you in check when it comes to spending.
Vivaah Weddings recommends splurging on a very good Photo & Video Team. They are one vendor that bring out the best of your
wedding décor and other elements and help you cherish the memories for years to come.



Tying the knot
For a good wedding planner the job isn’t done when your wedding is over. We will follow up with things until a tidy little knot is tied
around the whole celebration, this would include things right from following up with your photographer to make sure the images of your
big day are delivered to you on time to making sure all the people who made your big day a success are given their due.

We really are with you from Inception to Completion.


Wedding Planners do this as their job, yes but it is more than that. On the day of your wedding your planners will strive to make sure
you’ve the day you’ve always dreamt of because by the end of it we become part of the family and do feel tremendous joy as you walk down the aisle.


Blog by – Tina Issac from Vivaah Weddings


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