TFEST 2020

“TFest is all about connecting in an environment that works for you. When we bring people together in this environment, it brings out the best in them.” – Emily


Dubai hosted the world’s first technology driven global gathering for luxury travel and events. TFest debuting in Dubai brought 500 attendees from all around the world from the 24th to the 26th of February 2020. Through different activities, TFest further allowed international attendees to visit Dubai and perceive the city as a destination for luxury travel and events.

The directors of Vivaah Weddings, Arun Bablani & Rahul Kumar, were delighted to be a part of the three day festival which took place on White Beach, Atlantis.

TFest is a free-flowing festival with a personal touch in which individuals can connect. In a technologically advanced world, the concept of TFest is something that we’ve all been looking forward to. TFest is a new evolution of an event where one can network with the most influential buyers and sellers within luxury travel, and be suggested all through the app.

Unlike other business events, TFest is set up in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to just having a genuine human to human bond positively impacting businesses. Unlike any other regular professional conference setup, TFest has a very informal relaxed approach. This networking event allows one to expand connections and connect with people within the same industry in a vibrant manner, making networking altogether a better and unforgettable experience.

The day would commence with one on one personalised meetings which were selected through the app and would continue up until noon. The afternoon was based on free flow meetings, and different workshops and activities for attendees to choose and be a part of. This was all selected through one single app showing the power of technology implemented within the event.
TFest ensured that the day was well organised and kept busy in a relaxing manner. Each day then ended with an exuberant evening, with dinner, drinks, and entertainment to end the eventful night.

A networking event like this one, provided attendees with the opportunity to see something innovative, something that was going to be in a place where luxury travel came together to build meaningful business relationships.

To wrap up the three day festival, the closing event was celebrated on Nikki Beach. As per our creative methods of communicating with our audience through social media platforms, Vivaah Weddings was honoured to win the Social Media challenge, which took place over the three day festival. TFest has genuinely been a memorable experience, and we thank everyone who was involved in making it such a success.

We look forward to being a part of many more TFest events in the upcoming years.


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