Things to ask your Wedding Planner

In one of my previous blog posts, I had written about the things your Wedding Planner wished you did,
in this one I am going to write about things you can fairly ask for in your agreements when selecting your wedding planner.





Vendor Recommendations & Coordination

If you’ve hired your wedding planner before any of your other vendors, make sure to ask us for referrals and recommendations.
Most Wedding Planners would have a list of vendors they have worked with in the past and know their quality of work and credibility.
Vendors who are comfortable working with each other result in gorgeous, timely delivery.

That being said, you can also expect your Wedding Planner to manage and coordinate with vendors of your choice and to make certain deliverables are as expected.





Contract Negotiations

This one is a biggie. Once you have your Wedding Planner on board you can ask us to negotiate better rates for you with the other vendors,
such as your hotels, photography teams and sometimes even the tailors, as we are more aware of the market rates and
also at most times already have an established relationship with your service provider and hence get a few add ons.





Site Visits and Venue Walkthroughs

Request your Wedding Planner to accompany you on your Venue visits, chances are they might have already done events in the
same space and might be able to paint you a picture on the venues of the property that would be best suited for your events.

Don’t worry if you have already selected your venue before your wedding planner, we can still help you identify the
best spaces on the property and also keep you aware of the constraints of a space you might have had in mind for an event,
and help you with your themes best suited to go along in lines with the venue.





Assistance in Décor and Design

The look of your wedding is one of the most important aspects and it starts right from your invites.
Ask your Wedding Planner for ideas and suggestions for your invites and décor, we might have suggestions
that will improve the overall look of your events, as we take into account the season on your weddings, your themes and
various other factors (can’t give away all our secrets!) You can also ask us for vendors for the same, we will not only get you better rates
but also work closely with them for additions and make sure the end product is exactly what you had always dreamed of.





Menu Planning/ Food tasting

Involve your Wedding Planner in your Menu planning and food tasting. As a planner we would have a
better understanding on the limitations the venue/ chef would have in the preparation of certain authentic traditional foods.

You can also make your Wedding Planner aware of individuals with allergies and we with the hotel/ chef will make certain to
either clearly mention allergy inducing items or service the individual separately.

You can expect your Wedding Planner to take detailed notes during your food tasting sessions and
follow up with the hotel/ chef on the same and make certain the suggested changes are incorporated.





Logistics is bit of a pain on a regular day and we definitely wouldn’t want you to be caught up in sorting out the arrival of your 3rd cousin.
Ask your Wedding Planner to manage the logistics; we are equipped to handle all your logistic needs, from airport runs to the bride’s mum’s arrival.





Records of payments, contracts, deliverables

Wedding Planner as the name suggests have got to be good at keeping a record of things so that nothing falls through on your big day.
We can also assist you in keeping a record of all your vendor payments, advances, contracts, deliverables and so much more.

Overall we are here to make your day extra special leaving you stress free, not just on the day but on your journey to it.


Blog by – Tina Issac from Vivaah Weddings


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